Speak Up!

At Euroports, we're committed to fostering integrity and transparency. Integrity and respect are core values of Euroports. You can help by informing us about any illegal or unethical behaviour you may encounter at Euroports. 

We strongly encourage transparency.If you have concerns, don't hesitate to speak about it with your contact person at Euroports.  

In addition, you also have the option to submit a whistleblowing report.  

  • You can call our whistleblowing responsible person
  • Alternatively, you can use our online whistleblowing tool, which is accessible via the link below. It is user-friendly and discreet. 

whistleblowing tool These channels are available to both internal staff members and external stakeholders, such as staff members of customers and suppliers, job applicants and former employees.   

You can use the whistleblowing channels to report conduct that breaches the law or violates our Code of Conduct or other company policies. Conduct or other company policies. Our whistleblowing officers handle each report thoroughly, confidentially, and impartially.  

Your identity will be kept confidential, and if you prefer, you can report anonymously. We will give you feedback on how your report has been followed up.  

You can find more information in our Whistleblowing Policy and Privacy Statement. 

Thank you for contributing to doing business ethically and responsibly!