The ship is loaded with care!

Euroports provides a safe working environment where people can thrive and develop. Only a motivated and skilled workforce can help us move forward towards our ambitious objective – to expand globally with a reduced environmental footprint. At Euroports, we consider our people to be our most important asset and we are strongly committed to improving their wellbeing. We are proud to present our new wellbeing programme The ship is loaded with care! which aims to support all employee’s ability to work in a way that keeps up good health.

Safety at work is an important part of the wellbeing programme. We are moving towards the goal of zero accidents - one shift at a time, with the phrase "Let’s be careful out there!"

Our partner in this wellbeing journey is Freia Oy. Instead of individual wellbeing improvement projects, we aim for a more continuous and holistic change in safety thinking and taking care of our own wellbeing. When employees feel well, they can maintain health by making good choices and paying attention to working practices and safety.

A significant measure to promote wellbeing and encourage mobility has been the introduction of the company bikes in all Euroports locations in Finland. We introduced this to our employees in January, and the bikes have been very well received, 25% of our staff have already purchased a company bike!

We will launch a coaching service for our employees in April. This will be an effective preventive action against musculoskeletal disorders, in collaboration with the occupational health service and Freia.

In addition, we will develop our foreman work and provide early support and constructive interaction coaching during 2023.

The aim is to address working ability issues at an early stage and find solutions together to support work capacity.