CompanyWe operate in Rauma

We operate in Rauma

Paper and containers at Rauma

Rauma is known as Finland's largest export port for paper. In addition we have regular shipping lines through North Africa, American East Coast, Continental Europe and to the UK, as well as from Continental Europe continuous onward connections globally.

Safely to the destination

Safety is a key factor for us. We take care that our customers' shipments pass through safely, and that the operating environment for our staff is safe.

Our operation in Rauma in a nutshell:

  • Finland's largest paper exporting port
  • Western Finland's largest container port
  • The most important articles: Chemical and mechanical forestry industrial products, containers, project transportation and bulk goods

Euroports Rauma in figures

  • Exports and imports of about 6 million tons
  • Personnel approx. 550
  • Channel depth 12 meters
  • Certificates ISO 9001, ISO 14 001, OHSAS 18 001 and AEO

Euroports Rauma Oy incorporated its business operations as independent subsidiaries

Euroports Rauma Oy spins off some production entities into independent business units. The operation of the new companies, Euroports Breakbulk Oy, Euroports Bulk Terminal Oy and Euroports Containers Oy started on 1 July 2020.
The units operate as fully-owned, independently accountable subsidiaries of Euroports Rauma Oy.
The key objective is to focus on bringing the management and development of each independent business unit closer to the operational level. This approach is designed to improve competitiveness, increase flexibility and bring cost savings.

Euroports Breakbulk Oy

Euroports Breakbulk Oy mainly handles chemical and mechanical forest industry products such as paper, pulp and sawn timber, and specializes in handling various project cargoes in the technology industry. The company has 153 employees. Mr. Kristian Luoma is the Head of the Unit.
– As an independent company, Euroports Breakbulk Oy will continue its breakbulk business and operations with the help of its skilled personnel, not forgetting the development of safety and quality issues, ”says Kristian Luoma, Head of Unit at Euroports Breakbulk Oy.
– The need for competence diversity is highlighted for Breakbulk due to the extensive scale of services provided by the unit, in order to enable us to meet all the customers' needs, says Mr. Luoma.
– We work together with the customers in order to find the best solutions to their needs. Smaller entities are easier to develop and it is easier for every member of the organisation to understand the significance of their own day-to-day work, Mr. Luoma points out.

Contact information:

Unit Head Kristian Luoma, +358 40 848 4647,

Euroports Bulk Terminal Oy

Euroports Bulk Terminal Oy operates the storage and loading of raw materials for various industrial plants. Euroports Bulk Terminal Oy employs 14 people. Mr. Kari Jalonen is the Head of the Unit.
– Our unit is the smallest of the three, but we can bring added flexibility to the service through changes that we realise together. I am certain that by working together we will find new ways to provide services more economically, efficiently and safely, says Unit Head Kari Jalonen.

Contact information:

Unit Head Kari Jalonen, +358 40 720 3309,
Foreman Jyrki Vähämaa, +358 40 720 3343,
Bulk stevedores, +358 40 565 1303
Euroports Bulk Terminal Oy's e-mail,

Euroports Containers Oy

Euroports Containers Oy is in charge of container vessel operations and related terminal activities, such as receiving and releasing the containers, for example. Container repairs are also carried out on a subcontract basis. Mr. Tommi Heinilä is the Head of the Unit.
– The employees of Containers, both work supervisors and the office staff, have gained a long experience and a high level of expertise in both terminal and vessel-side operations. The professional expertise and the high quality of all of their work are the greatest strength of the company, Mr. Heinilä stresses.

Contact information:

Unit Head Tommi Heinilä, +358 40 720 3340,
Containerterminal foreman, +358 44 4213 721,
Cont, +358 400 717 149,
Ro-ro, +358 40 579 2760,
Cargo operators:
Erol Bavautdin +358 44 4213 327,
Elina Paija +358 44 4213 327,
Miika Soinila +358 44 4213 327,

Euroports Rauma Oy

Container packaging operations, support services for production and administrative services are handled by Euroports Rauma Oy. Euroports Rauma Oy employs 101 people on the stevedoring side. Mr. Mikko Fagerström is the Head of the Unit.
– With the incorporation, we will be able to offer container services even more flexibly with the help of skilled and long-experienced personnel. We take care of all kinds of containerization of piece goods and forest industry products. By focusing more closely only on the units, this is reflected in the customer's even better customer service and punctuality, says Fagerström.

Contact information:

Department Manager Mikko Fagerström, +358 40 720 3311,
Euroports Finland Oy
Euroports Rauma Oy & Euroports Logistics Oy
Hakunintie 23, PL 68
26101 Rauma
Tel: +358 2 831 21
Port of Rauma/Service center
Hakunintie 28
26100 Rauma
Tel: +358 44 4213 331, +358 44 4213 382 (containers)
Euroports Pietarsaari Oy Ab
Alholmsvägen 80
(POB 50)
68600 Jakobstad / Pietarsaari
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